The Lady in Leather and a Crop Top in Reality

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This outfit is a little edgier than yesterday’s version. I love pairing navy and black together. A lot of people would never dare mix the two, but I think it creates a chicness only attainable by these two colors. The oxblood bag is on trend and works well with the navy and black, and if you don’t like the grey coat it can easily be swapped out for black to create a sleeker look.

Lady in Leather and  Crop Top in Reality

BARDOT top $73 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS skirt $248 / WALLIS coat $83 / MANGO bag $100 ALDO boots $98 / COLE HAAN gloves $49

I know, I know…the skirt is expensive, but it was on sale from $500. Sometimes it’s worth it to invest, especially if you see a staple piece by a designer that you love on sale. Take this skirt for example. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s a quality piece that will last forever and can add some luxury to your closet. (Here’s a little secret of mine: if you wear cheap things next to expensive things, everything looks expensive…as long as the cheap things aren’t tacky.)

If you do decide to splurge, here are 5 things to remember when sale shopping for designer pieces:

1. Buy neutrals (It’s a guarantee that they will match with most things in your closet.)

2. Buy classic shapes (So that your investments don’t go out of style.)

3. Buy for many settings (To make the investment worthwhile.)

4. Make sure you really love it (So that you will wear it a lot.)

5. Enjoy your splurge! (Don’t go home and worry about the money you spent…revel in your new purchase!)


Lapis in Reality

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Your wallet doesn’t have to feel blue to buy blue. It’s hard to avoid the bold shade if you go shopping giving you plenty of options, many of which are affordable. These are a few of my favorites:


1. H&M sweater $18 / 2. ROMWE blazer $68 / 3. TOPSHOP shirt $80 / 4. HEELS.COM booties $95 / 5. ALDO clutch $50 / 6. JCREW flats $128 / 7. MODCLOTH bag $30 / 8. JCREW skirt $60 / 9. H&M jeans $24 / 10. MANGO dress $70 / 11. H&M skirt $48

When shopping for solid colors I like to buy pieces in classic shapes made from classic materials. All of these items can be recycled (though 4 and 7 are a little more of the moment). Even if the color goes out of style for a few years, it will always come back. It’s the cycle of fashion.

Fur vs Faux

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You’d have to be blind to not realize that fur is hot right now.  I used this beautiful Alexander Wang puffer jacket before, but I love the blue of this fur by The Row.



Pairing the soft, powder blue fur with black and tan gives us an interesting color palate.  The amazing Isabel Marant studded jeans and the black Valentino Rockstud bag add a rock and roll vibe to an otherwise tame ensemble.  The jeans bring unexpected texture to the outfit:

Studded jeans have the potential to look overdone or tacky, but not these Isabel Marants.  They are probably the closest you can get to looking elegant in studded denim.  The side and pockets are trimmed with leather which adds some sophistication.  The fringed sides bring amazing texture to any outfit, and the studs are just great.  I really like that they’re not put on perfectly.  It adds character.

Although it would be nice to be able to buy that gorgeous fur, it’s simply an impossibility for most (myself included.)  Topshop makes a lot of faux fur.  (They’re very good at making runway trends accessible to the masses.)  I love this paneled fur:

TOPSHOP Coat  $220 / TOPSHOP Jeans  $100 OASIS Shirt $29 / PROMISE Booties  $50 MANGO Bag  $88 /       VINCENZA Earrings  $7 NASTY GAL Sunglasses  $18 MODSTROM Scarf $41

The idea behind the outfit is similar, but everything (excluding the jacket, which costs $220,) costs $100 or less.  It’s a change in color scheme, but the studs are still there.  The jeans are from Topshop, and though they don’t quite match up to the Isabel Marant jeans, they’ll fit the bill:

The sunglasses are eerily similar to Ray-Bans, my go to sunglasses, but only cost $18.  This is a great outfit with very reusable pieces.