Chunky Cable Knits

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When my alarm is going off and I hear the winter wind whistling against my window, the last thing I want to do is get out of my warm, cozy bed and venture into the freezing cold. Rather than sleep in, try layering under warm, chunky cable knits.

Chunky Knits in Luxury


A simple white collared shirt would be perfect under this Boy. by Band of Outsiders sweater (and yes, tuck it in.) To add some trendy individuality (oxymoron?) you can attach collar tips like these ones from ASOS:


The modern feel they have works best with the outfit above, mainly because this look is a little bit more relaxed:

Chunky Knits in Reality

ROMWE sweater $80 / RIVER ISLAND jeans $55 / UNTOLD coat $76 / OASAP boots $63 / TOPSHOP bag $68 / WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET faux fur scarf $50

This sweater has much more of a lumberjack vibe, obviously made chic by the surrounding pieces. Nonetheless it would look foolish with a collared shirt layered underneath. It could also potentially make the outfit seem like it’s trying too hard to look good. This look is trendy enough with it’s mixed prints (floral and houndstooth,) yet still understated. Always a good combination.


Faux Fur in Reality + Camouflage

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I am seriously feeling camouflage right now. It’s so 80’s, grunge, “I don’t give a f*ck.” I have a vintage army jacket that I’ve been wearing a lot, but if that shapeless look is too much “I don’t give a f*ck” for your liking, try a skinny camo pant like these:

Faux Fur in Reality

H&M faux fur $56 / ALMARI top $56 KSUBI jeans $100 / JOHN LEWIS bag $62 / PROMISE booties $50 / TOPSHOP bracelet $25 ROMWE earrings $12 EBAY sunglasses $10

It’s a classy way to wear camouflage and, once again, mix prints. The safety pin earrings and spiked bracelet top off the grunge and the bag looks so similar to the Givenchy used in yesterday’s post, but will save you around a thousand dollars. I love velvet, especially in this kind of bootie. We’ve seen something like this shoe before here on Crave by Giuseppi Zanotti, and I still love the style. The sunglasses add some more texture and yet another pattern to mix and match. But let’s get down to the important piece: the faux.

This faux fur is from H&M and only costs $56. It’s fabulous, doesn’t look fake, although if you don’t take care of it I promise it will start to, and has a nice pattern to it. The structure in the top contrasts nicely with the rest of the outfit, which somehow manages to read as ladylike while sticking up the middle finger, if you know what I mean. I love outfits like this (especially when everything costs $100 or less!) Teenage rebellion meets full grown fashionista.

Faux Fur in Luxury

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If you ask me fur will always be in. It’s luxe, sexy, adds a level of texture that no other material can and covers a plethora of flaws. But there is one thing about fur that I’m not a fan of. That little detail about killing animals so that we can parade around in their pelts…not so sexy. So what’s a fashionista to do, not wear fur? How absurd. But you should try to go faux.

I’ve used fur in some outfits before [Alexander Wang puffer jacketpowder blue fur by The RowGucci fur booties] and faux fur has been featured on Crave as recently as yesterday. So why wear fur sometimes and others wear faux? There is no definite answer and it really depends on your personal beliefs. My belief is that sometimes a fur coat is just so amazing that you must have it on your body, but it’s important to try to substitute with faux as much as possible. That doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. There are many high quality faux furs out right now. Like this one by Meadham Kirchhoff:

faux fur in luxury

MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF faux fur / NSF shirt / TOPSHOP jeans / GIVENCHY bag / ASOS booties / GIVENCHY earrings / RAY-BAN Sunglasses

The colors and pattern are so playful and work perfectly with the striped denim. (Another example of mixing prints.)  On the runway though, they styled the faux furs a little…eccentrically for my taste:

Meadham Kirchhoff Fur Fall 2012 2

These are some patterns that I personally would never pair together, but the coats are still amazing and can stand all on their own:

Meadham Kirchhoff Fur Fall 2012

Check back soon for how to wear faux fur on a budget.

Leather Leggings with a Peplum in Reality + Mixing Prints

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It’s not impossible to stay chic on a budget. All of these items cost under $100 and can easily be mixed and matched to make other fabulous looks. The shoes might be a little gaudy for some, but I love to make a statement. Even if that statement is, “I stole Snooki’s heels,” I don’t care. They’re fabulously obnoxious.

Leather Leggings with a Peplum in Reality

MISSSELFRIDGE top $50 TOPSHOP leggings $76 / EFOXCITY faux fur jacket $42 / GOJANE heels $99 / H&M bag $21 / TOPSHOP belt $50 / VINCE CAMUTO earrings $29 / OCSHADES sunglasses $14 / RIMMEL LONDON lipstick $7

It’s not impossible to mix patterns on a budget either. Everything in this outfit, besides the shoes coming in at $130, costs pretty well under $100:

Mixing Patterns on a Budget

TOPSHOP FOR NORDSTROM Skirt $56 TOPSHOP Top $16 TOPSHOP Belt $60 WAREHOUSE Jacket $64 NLY Clutch $42 T&J DESIGNS Necklace $58 DUNE Shoes $130

This outfit might look a little off to some, but for me it works perfectly. That’s the beauty of mixing prints. You’re supposed to have fun with it! My advice would be to try different combinations until something just looks right to you. Don’t worry about how it might look to somebody else. How does it look to you? Dress for yourselves ladies!

Fur vs Faux

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You’d have to be blind to not realize that fur is hot right now.  I used this beautiful Alexander Wang puffer jacket before, but I love the blue of this fur by The Row.



Pairing the soft, powder blue fur with black and tan gives us an interesting color palate.  The amazing Isabel Marant studded jeans and the black Valentino Rockstud bag add a rock and roll vibe to an otherwise tame ensemble.  The jeans bring unexpected texture to the outfit:

Studded jeans have the potential to look overdone or tacky, but not these Isabel Marants.  They are probably the closest you can get to looking elegant in studded denim.  The side and pockets are trimmed with leather which adds some sophistication.  The fringed sides bring amazing texture to any outfit, and the studs are just great.  I really like that they’re not put on perfectly.  It adds character.

Although it would be nice to be able to buy that gorgeous fur, it’s simply an impossibility for most (myself included.)  Topshop makes a lot of faux fur.  (They’re very good at making runway trends accessible to the masses.)  I love this paneled fur:

TOPSHOP Coat  $220 / TOPSHOP Jeans  $100 OASIS Shirt $29 / PROMISE Booties  $50 MANGO Bag  $88 /       VINCENZA Earrings  $7 NASTY GAL Sunglasses  $18 MODSTROM Scarf $41

The idea behind the outfit is similar, but everything (excluding the jacket, which costs $220,) costs $100 or less.  It’s a change in color scheme, but the studs are still there.  The jeans are from Topshop, and though they don’t quite match up to the Isabel Marant jeans, they’ll fit the bill:

The sunglasses are eerily similar to Ray-Bans, my go to sunglasses, but only cost $18.  This is a great outfit with very reusable pieces.