Tibi Lady Liberty Sweater

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This gorgeous intarsia sweater is a part of Tibi’s New York City inspired pre-fall 2013 collection:

lady liberty sweater

It was the last look of the show, which I loved in its entirety. Brittany Adams of Style.com said it best when she noted the brands commitment to wearable clothing: “Amy Smilovic has been playing her cards right at Tibi for the past several seasons. Having shifted her focus from party frocks to clean basics, her business is now doing better than ever…You don’t need to be fashion mad—or have a superstar’s budget, either—to appreciate these clothes.”

Smilovic said “it’s important to show people how we would wear something,” which I think they did successfully. The minimalist, street styling worked perfectly with the theme of the show, and though I can’t pick favorites, because the entire collection was so perfect, here are three notably great looks:

Tibi Pre-Fall 2013

Photos: Style.com

I love the middle look, not only because of the letterman jacket (how hip,) but because the lines in the sweater were inspired by a subway map…and seriously, who doesn’t love a clever sweater? But the most fabulous were the shoes. There was a strappy and a bootie…two of my favorites:

TIBI pre fall 2013 shoes

They are both so now, and chic, and simple. Love them!

I couldn’t resist styling the Lady Liberty sweater myself. If I were a rich girl (cue Gwen Stefani song in your head) this is how I would wear it:

Obsessed TIBI Liberty Sweater


I really love white coats, like this one by DKNY. They allow you to really play with your accessories and colors. This look would not have worked with a different colored coat. The bag and shoes would have looked ridiculous against anything other than white, but because the rest of the outfit is relatively simple (emphasis on relatively,) it works.

The shoes remind me of a cab, but not in an obvious way. If TAXI was written on the side of them then it would be cheesy. But because they’re Manolo’s, also very New York (thank you Carrie Bradshaw,) and have clean lines, they add some fun and a pop of color. The purple YSL adds even more color and is complementary to yellow. I’m obsessed from head to pointed toe.


Fit Chic into Your Carry On: 20 Items for 9 Days

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I love to travel.  Sightseeing is one of my favorite things to do, but one thing that I find troubling is how to do it all in style!  (Read about why it’s so important to fly fashionably here.)

my next destination (hopefully)

I don’t like to check any bags unless I’m traveling for more than a week.  It’s just not worth the risk and hassle of possibly losing my luggage and it’s precious cargo.  Due to the TSA’s strict policies, my packing is usually confined to a suitcase, roughly around the size of a very fluffy pillow, and a backpack or large tote bag.  I also usually sneak a purse, buying me a couple of extra cubic inches.

In addition to my makeup, jewelry, hair tools and brushes, undergarments, magazines and toiletries, I also have to somehow pack a wardrobe, and make sure it’s comfortable enough to sightsee in.

If I know I will be walking a lot on a trip, I only bring flat shoes (duh.)  I also like to stick to basic pieces that are bold enough to make a statement.  I keep accessories simple (especially in foreign countries.  The only thing worse than being an obvious tourist is being an obvious tourist with expensive things to steal.)  Don’t make yourself a target.  It’s also smart to wear a watch when you’re traveling.  Here are 20 items I used to create a week and two days worth of travelable outfits!

I stick to pants when I’m traveling.  Skirts and dresses are too annoying to deal with.  If it’s a breezy day, you don’t want to worry about holding your skirt down while you should be taking in your surroundings.It’s smart to bring a light jacket that will go with almost anything.  I also almost always travel with a scarf.  They are very versatile, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the climate where you will be.

Nude Shirt CHLOÈ // Green Shirt MADEWELL // Striped Shirt FRENCH CONNECTION // Cardigan BY MALENE BIRGER // Pink Sweater YVES SAINT LAURENT // Grey SweaterLE MONT ST. MICHEL // Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITY // Red Pants COSTUME NATIONAL // Wide Leg Pants TOP SHOP // Fur Vest JOIE // Suede Jacket LOT78 // Gold Flats LANVIN // Knit Flats MISSONI // Red FlatsBY LARIN // Leopard Loafers PRADA // Boots FRYE // Brown Bag LOEWE // Grey BagTULU // Sunglasses RAY-BAN // Watch RAYMOND WEIL

Black & White Button Down Two Ways

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Black and White Button Down



I saw Lauren Conrad sporting this Equipment shirt…it seems she forgot her pants, but I think the shirt almost makes up for it…
I think adding black to a white shirt makes it more fun, but still sleek and sophisticated.  Lauren showed us how to dress this look down.  It’s a versatile item to add to your closet.  I suggest investing in one that will last you a while because this is a classic item.  Love it!

Longevity for LongHems

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Though the look has been around for some time, long skirts and dresses are really starting to catch my eye.  Not only are they easy, but they can be fashionable and trendy as well.  One of my favorite long skirt moments was Keira Knightley at the 5th International Rome Film Festival and “Last Night” premiere dinner party wearing Chanel.

I love how simple it is.  Without the skirt it’s just heels and a sweater, but the length and material are both chic and glamorous.  Another favorite look of mine is one that came before its time.  Carrie Bradshaw is and always will be a fashion icon of mine. (I don’t care if she’s fictional.)  She was ahead of the trend when she wore this in Sex and the City 2:

Bradshaw in a “vintage” Dior t-shirt over a slip dress over a crinoline.

(I say “vintage” because technically it is, but it’s really only 10 years old.)

I always love pairing things together when they seem like they don’t belong.  Maybe that’s why I love the unconventionality of this outfit.  Nobody would think to pair a t-shirt with something that looks like a ball gown, but she makes it work.  Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker, right?

Kate Bosworth got this look completely wrong at the 2010 Hollywood Style awards wearing Jill Sander, which I find pretty ironic.

The complete lack of jewelry, pulled back hair and window curtain-like skirt make this a pretty embarrassing moment for her, though she redeemed herself when she wore this:

I absolutely LOVE the color nude on blondes.  She looks put together, classy and trendy in this Chloé

I have a feeling that this look will have longevity with me.  You can make it sexy without being overt, something that women should strive for.  I hope that this look stays around!