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I love Tim Walker’s photography.  He has a way of adding an extreme sense of whimsy without getting too fantastical.  Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better I found this self portrait:


Self Portrain With Cakes, Eglingham Hall, Northumberland, UK, 2008

Anybody who can make a picture of themselves in bed, in pajamas, surrounded by cake this fabulous, is pretty great in my book.  These are some of my favorite fashion photographs of his:

Lily Cole and Spiral Staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, 2005, British Vogue

Coco Rocha and Giant Glove, London, England, 2006

He often uses oversized, extreme props in his photographs and manages to make them look chic.  I love how he uses space to accentuate the dramatic elements of the clothing.


Lily Cole, London, England, 2005, I-D Cover

Lily Cole on Old Vogue Cover, London, England, 2004

I love his photographs of Lily Cole.  There is something about her and Tim that works very well.  I love the asymmetry of the picture to the left.  It would have been beautiful with or without the flower, but something about it being there elevates the photograph.  The contrast of the red lips against the delicate, yellow flower is very beautiful.

Karlie Kloss and Cracked Humpty Dumpty, Rye, East Sussex, UK, 2010, W Magazine

Erin O’Connor, Jacquetta Wheeler and Lily Cole, Colchester, Essex, England, 2004, British Vogue

Agnyss Deyn, Simon and Kiki the Cheetah in Sand Storm, Kolmanskop, Namibia, Africa, 2011, British Vogue

Kirsi Pyrhonen, Outer Mongolia, 2011, British Vogue

The Dress/Lamp Tree, Northumberland, England, 2002

Lily Cold and Giant Watering Can, Northumberland, England, 2004

I love his use of lighting in these two photographs.  They’re two of my favorites on this page.

Scarlett Johansson as Tipi Hendren from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, New York, USA, 2010, W Magazine

I adore this photo of Scarlett Johansson.  I saw The Birds at a sleepover when I was 13, and let me tell you, none of us did much sleeping that night.  Tim really captured the fear in this photograph.  Having her stand with nothing around her let the fear shine through.  There was nowhere to hide and everybody had to hold their own.  These ideas are translated beautifully in this picture.

Alber Elbaz with Rabbit Ears, Paris, France, 2009, The New Yorker

Alber Elbaz and His Pink Lanvin Dress, Paris, France, 2009, Vanity Fair

I think that Tim’s photographs of Alber Elbaz are my favorite of his portraits.  He completely captured his persona.  In the photograph to the right, you don’t even need to see his face to know who it is (if you’re familiar with the fashion world.)  I adore that photograph.

Blue Elephant and Temple, Dungarpur, India, 1999

Although Tim does a lot of fashion photography, it’s not all he does.  This picture is one of my favorites of his none fashion photographs.  Simply beautiful.


Alber Elbaz: Lanvin, YSL

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“I remember a woman telling me that every time she wore a Lanvin dress, men wanted to sleep with her. Later I thought that I’d rather she fell in love.”

The artistic director of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz designed three collections for Yves Saint Laurent before he switched houses. Here are three of my favorite looks from his Fall 2000 RTW collection for YSL:

Sidenote…I know what you’re thinking…yes, that is Gisele Bündchen.  This was, of course, the beginning of her era.  Many credit her with ending the heroin chic modeling craze, and Anna Wintour herself deemed her the “model of the millennium.”

In 2001 he took over as the artistic director for Lanvin, and ever since the designer house has been one of the most sought after in the industry.

Simon Doonan, the creative director for Barney’s New York, said in 2009 that “Alber’s clothes are like crack.”  And he was right…they keep you coming back for more.

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InStyle Ventures Into the Kardashian Klosets

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I just picked up the September issue of InStyle magazine…talk about inspiration!  Beyoncé, one of my all time favorite divas, was on the cover wearing one of my obsessions, a sequined Dolce and Gabbana star studded dress: amazing.

I highly advise you pick up this extra large issue.  Not only for fall fashion inspiration, but also to get an exclusive peak inside all 3 of the Kardashian sisters’ closets.  Here’s a look at each:

Kim‘s Kloset:

Kourtney‘s Kloset:

Khloe‘s Kloset

I had to stop reading this article in public due to my drooling…how AMAZING are these klosets?!

I’m telling you, this issue is definitely worth the $5 it costs…it’s a whomping 637 pages of fierce fall fashion.  Pick one up!!!

Photos: InStyle Magazine