Leather Leggings with a Peplum in Reality + Mixing Prints

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It’s not impossible to stay chic on a budget. All of these items cost under $100 and can easily be mixed and matched to make other fabulous looks. The shoes might be a little gaudy for some, but I love to make a statement. Even if that statement is, “I stole Snooki’s heels,” I don’t care. They’re fabulously obnoxious.

Leather Leggings with a Peplum in Reality

MISSSELFRIDGE top $50 TOPSHOP leggings $76 / EFOXCITY faux fur jacket $42 / GOJANE heels $99 / H&M bag $21 / TOPSHOP belt $50 / VINCE CAMUTO earrings $29 / OCSHADES sunglasses $14 / RIMMEL LONDON lipstick $7

It’s not impossible to mix patterns on a budget either. Everything in this outfit, besides the shoes coming in at $130, costs pretty well under $100:

Mixing Patterns on a Budget

TOPSHOP FOR NORDSTROM Skirt $56 TOPSHOP Top $16 TOPSHOP Belt $60 WAREHOUSE Jacket $64 NLY Clutch $42 T&J DESIGNS Necklace $58 DUNE Shoes $130

This outfit might look a little off to some, but for me it works perfectly. That’s the beauty of mixing prints. You’re supposed to have fun with it! My advice would be to try different combinations until something just looks right to you. Don’t worry about how it might look to somebody else. How does it look to you? Dress for yourselves ladies!


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