Flat is Back

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“Flatform” shoes are a hybrid cross between platforms and flats. They have been on and off the high fashion junket since 1750 when the first geisha slipped on her getas. We’ve come far since then:

The more updated version is from Jen Kao‘s Spring 2013 RTW collection. She used a lot of clean lines and athletic shapes drawing from modern Japanese fashion, while the shoes are a nod to the past. These are my favorite looks from the runway:

jen kao 2013

Images: Style.com

Kao’s not the only designer to find inspiration in the east. Emilio Pucci’s Spring RTW line also has a clear Asian influence. Though his shoes are more platform than flatform, they are still fabulous and very fitting with his play on Chinese fashion.

Though it was hard to narrow it down, these are my favorite looks from the collection:

Images: Vogue.com

The structure of the white jacket balanced the softness of the sheer organza perfectly. From the dragon sculpted wedges to the intricate embroidery, the details were all spot on. The white jacket is detailed with crystal adding a level of opulence. Several of the looks (like the black jumpsuit above) also had a sporty edge to them: another common theme on the runway this spring.

Stella McCartney is another designer who found inspiration in athletic shapes and flatforms. She used bright, bold colors and simple, no frills shapes to create an incredibly chic line:

Images: Style.com

These are three of my favorite colors right now. I’m obsessed with that shade of orange…so bright it’s slightly cartoonish, but that’s exactly what I love about it. The sheer overlay completely balances the almost overwhelming sleeves to create a gorgeous, fashion forward dress. She gave her flatforms lucite soles for a sporty chic feeling. They remind me of a water shoe crossed with a toeless loafer, and oddly enough…I think I like it:

Image: FashionPooch.com

Prada drew from similar inspiration to create an interesting line for Spring 2013. Some of the prints were less than desirable but I managed to find three favorites:

Images: Style.com

I love these furs. They’re sophisticated yet childish and appear to be inspired by the Japanese cartoon culture. The pink satin dress brilliantly merges the classic 1920s drop waist silhouette with the beautiful technique and fabric work of a kimono. The clean lines and styling give it a modern edge, but there is one thing I could do without. The shoes. I mean, I love a flatform, but come on:

Images: Imaxtree

They’re a little Zenon chic for me.

I always wondered when people would start dressing like the girl of the 21st century, I just didn’t think I’d feel so old when it started happening. Leave it to Prada.


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