Lapis in Reality

Fashion, Reality, Style

Your wallet doesn’t have to feel blue to buy blue. It’s hard to avoid the bold shade if you go shopping giving you plenty of options, many of which are affordable. These are a few of my favorites:


1. H&M sweater $18 / 2. ROMWE blazer $68 / 3. TOPSHOP shirt $80 / 4. HEELS.COM booties $95 / 5. ALDO clutch $50 / 6. JCREW flats $128 / 7. MODCLOTH bag $30 / 8. JCREW skirt $60 / 9. H&M jeans $24 / 10. MANGO dress $70 / 11. H&M skirt $48

When shopping for solid colors I like to buy pieces in classic shapes made from classic materials. All of these items can be recycled (though 4 and 7 are a little more of the moment). Even if the color goes out of style for a few years, it will always come back. It’s the cycle of fashion.


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