Sequin Shorts

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A great way to add some pizazz to your outfit is with sequins.  In the summer, why not make it sequin shorts?  I love this look because it’s easygoing yet elegant:


TOPSHOP shorts / VINCE sweater / CASADEI pumps / REBECCA MINKOFF bag / MOVADO watch / THE ROW sunglasses / WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET earrings

A black and white motif with a small pop of color can be very eye catching.  The muted outfit allows the shoes to really stand out (which is exactly what you want them to do when they’re this expensive.) But again, shoes are worth the investment if you will wear them a lot.

The main rule when it comes to shoes is to know thyself.  If you are uncoordinated/look like a newborn deer when you try to walk in shoes like this, DO NOT BUY THEM, even if they cost $20.  They will end up collecting dust in the back of your closet and/or breaking your ankle.  They can be easily replaced with wedges that can give your outfit a similar feel.

These would probably stay on my feet for all of ten minutes before I’d rip them off begging for mercy.  I’m one of the uncoordinated plenty who would, sadly, have to replace them with wedges.  Here are some that I would swap:

These Dolce Vita wedges give the same idea without breaking your ankles or bank account.  If you want to stick with a pump, try these:

These Steve Madden pumps will only cost you $90.  They’re also a much shorter heel, decreasing the likelihood of ankle breakage.  Here is a less expensive version of the sequin shorts outfit:

WAREHOUSE shorts $31 VILA shirt $31 / VINCE CAMUTO clutch $148 / DOLCE VITA heels $129 / T TAHARI ring $40 / PIECES earrings $20 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS bracelet $88 EBAY sunglasses $10


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