Burberry Trench Two Ways

Fashion, Luxury, Style

love trench coats.  This black trimmed Burberry trench puts a slight twist on a classic item while still keeping it timeless and classic.  A trench coat is one of those fabulous pieces that you can dress up or down.  The black piping on this one makes it especially easy to dress up.

The more casual outfit has another one of my favorite items: riding boots.  These Gucci ones are fab and will last you forever.  The rest of the outfit is relatively inexpensive, but the quality pair of boots and the trench elevate the ensemble and really make it sing.



The red Versace dress doesn’t need much elevating…it’s pretty breathtaking all on its own, but great accessories never hurt.  The white point-toe pumps are trendy and add more sophistication to the dress rather than taking it away.  The clutch adds a pop of excitement with a pattern to an otherwise solid-hued outfit.  Add the trench and you’re ready for a night on the town, rain or shine.


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