Orange You Chic

Fashion, Luxury, Style

I used to hate pairing the complementary colors of blue and orange.  They just reminded me of how bad the New York Knicks were, and of how much I hate the Mets.  But when I saw this Paul Smith jacket next to these Rag & Bone pants, sports were the last thing that came to my mind.




A sweater like this may not normally be worn in an outfit with otherwise clean lines, but I do love pairing things that don’t seem like they belong.  It’s really the only texture in the outfit which makes it work.

The Christian Louboutin love flats have been on my radar for a while.  Shoes like this are a great, sophisticated way to add some fun and whimsy to an outfit.  I really love these shoes, and they also come in black and red.  They’re a fab way to get some Louboutin in your life without killing your arches.



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