Obsessed: Velvet

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I hated velvet when I was younger.  I had this velvet skirt that my mother made me wear to high holidays and the occasional Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but I tried to avoid it at all costs.  If only I knew then what I know now: that velvet can be FABULOUS.

Erdem had the most amazing velvet prints in their Fall 2011 collection.  The Ellie cowl back dress and Alanna printed pants are two of my favorite pieces.


Velvet is one of those tricky fabrics that, when done the wrong way, could end up looking cheap or tacky. It also must be cared for properly or the fabric could end up ruined.  Here are a couple of tips to keep your velvet looking good:

1. Take good care of your velvet clothing!  It can be damaged easily.  If you’re not great at caring for your clothes stick to crushed velvet.  Because it’s already, well…crushed, you don’t have to be so careful with it and can sometimes even machine wash it.  Take all non-crushed velvet items to the dry-cleaners for proper care.

2. Do not fold or iron velvet.  Folding it will crease the fabric, sometimes permanently, and ironing it will leave an imprint.  To get out minor wrinkles you can steam it.  (If you have to fold velvet, put tissue paper in between the folds.)

These wide-leg, red velvet pants by Steven Alan are so fab.  Red velvet is very luxe and can really add a lot to an outfit.  It’s a great way to bring texture into your wardrobe.  The pants to the right are a less expensive version from Topshop.  This print might not be for everybody, but I love it.  With a print like this in velvet, the rest of the outfit should be kept simple.  The pants are the statement piece here.

Another option for velvet is to wear it on your feet.  These Giuseppi Zanotti velvet Veronica booties are to die:

Topshop also had some great velvet shoes:

APT Velvet Chelsea Ankle Boots / Strut Metal Heel Platform Shoes / Fuschia Velvet Logo Slippers

My favorite velvet piece of the season has to be the Marc by Marc Jacobs sphinx animal-print skirt:

The shape is universally flattering.  I also love the mid-length.  (If you’re on the shorter side, remember to tailor mid-length skirts so they hit your leg where they should.  Otherwise you can appear even shorter.)  This skirt is classy, fun and trendy: the perfect combination!


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