Obsessed: Lanvin Travel Kit

Fashion, Obsessions

With the holiday season coming up I have a lot of traveling in my near future.  I’m always looking for ways to make long flights more endurable, and I recently stumbled upon the Lanvin Travel Kit:

Of course, the price is slightly obscene at $525, but when you’re buying a brand like Lanvin, you’re not only buying quality and luxury…you’re buying the idea of that brand.  You’re buying the feeling you get when you put on something amazing.  A lot of people think it would be crazy to spend this kind of money on a silk travel set, and maybe it is.  But if fashion is what you find joy in, like myself, then these slippers could be an easy way to be able to wear Lanvin on all of your future plane rides.  The sheer thought is so glamorous…

I know what you’re thinking…”she gets all this from a pair of slippers?”  But I guess my point is that it’s not the slippers…it’s what the slippers mean to fashion crazed people like myself.

The set also comes in tan and navy blue:

There’s also a less expensive alternative made by Kashmere.  Their travel kit is usually $375, but at Bluefly it’s being sold for $170.  It’s not made of silk like the Lanvin kit, but it is made of a cashmere-wool blend.  It comes with a pillow as well.

Neiman Marcus makes a 100% cashmere travel set for $300:

It does’t come with slippers but it does have a fabulous blanket.  Each of these sets suits different needs and could make great presents for anybody who flies often.  Racking up those miles can be exhausting…a little R&R on the plane is a must.


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