Lanvin and McQueen Do Black and Red

Fashion, Style

Lanvin is all about draping and making fabric fall beautifully in a sort of naturally dramatic way. (Draping is usually done with one piece of fabric making the perfect draped dress that much harder to achieve.)  Though this dress is more streamlined than the usual Lanvin, the draping influence can be seen clearly in the sleeves.

I usually really hate this color combination of red, black and white.  I think it looks slightly cheap, but if it’s done by Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and topped off with a ring by Bottega Veneta, I actually quite like it.
I love the contrast of the soft lines of the bag and ring against the hard lines of the shoes and earrings.  The dress is made of silk-gazar which is a very soft fabric.  It’s almost poetic that such a hard looking dress was made with a soft, usually flowing, fabric.  It looks amazing in motion:

Lanvin delivers again!




Earrings LANVIN




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