Burberry Trench Two Ways

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love trench coats.  This black trimmed Burberry trench puts a slight twist on a classic item while still keeping it timeless and classic.  A trench coat is one of those fabulous pieces that you can dress up or down.  The black piping on this one makes it especially easy to dress up.

The more casual outfit has another one of my favorite items: riding boots.  These Gucci ones are fab and will last you forever.  The rest of the outfit is relatively inexpensive, but the quality pair of boots and the trench elevate the ensemble and really make it sing.



The red Versace dress doesn’t need much elevating…it’s pretty breathtaking all on its own, but great accessories never hurt.  The white point-toe pumps are trendy and add more sophistication to the dress rather than taking it away.  The clutch adds a pop of excitement with a pattern to an otherwise solid-hued outfit.  Add the trench and you’re ready for a night on the town, rain or shine.


Fur vs Faux

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You’d have to be blind to not realize that fur is hot right now.  I used this beautiful Alexander Wang puffer jacket before, but I love the blue of this fur by The Row.



Pairing the soft, powder blue fur with black and tan gives us an interesting color palate.  The amazing Isabel Marant studded jeans and the black Valentino Rockstud bag add a rock and roll vibe to an otherwise tame ensemble.  The jeans bring unexpected texture to the outfit:

Studded jeans have the potential to look overdone or tacky, but not these Isabel Marants.  They are probably the closest you can get to looking elegant in studded denim.  The side and pockets are trimmed with leather which adds some sophistication.  The fringed sides bring amazing texture to any outfit, and the studs are just great.  I really like that they’re not put on perfectly.  It adds character.

Although it would be nice to be able to buy that gorgeous fur, it’s simply an impossibility for most (myself included.)  Topshop makes a lot of faux fur.  (They’re very good at making runway trends accessible to the masses.)  I love this paneled fur:

TOPSHOP Coat  $220 / TOPSHOP Jeans  $100 OASIS Shirt $29 / PROMISE Booties  $50 MANGO Bag  $88 /       VINCENZA Earrings  $7 NASTY GAL Sunglasses  $18 MODSTROM Scarf $41

The idea behind the outfit is similar, but everything (excluding the jacket, which costs $220,) costs $100 or less.  It’s a change in color scheme, but the studs are still there.  The jeans are from Topshop, and though they don’t quite match up to the Isabel Marant jeans, they’ll fit the bill:

The sunglasses are eerily similar to Ray-Bans, my go to sunglasses, but only cost $18.  This is a great outfit with very reusable pieces.

Fashion, Icons

I love Tim Walker’s photography.  He has a way of adding an extreme sense of whimsy without getting too fantastical.  Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better I found this self portrait:


Self Portrain With Cakes, Eglingham Hall, Northumberland, UK, 2008

Anybody who can make a picture of themselves in bed, in pajamas, surrounded by cake this fabulous, is pretty great in my book.  These are some of my favorite fashion photographs of his:

Lily Cole and Spiral Staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, 2005, British Vogue

Coco Rocha and Giant Glove, London, England, 2006

He often uses oversized, extreme props in his photographs and manages to make them look chic.  I love how he uses space to accentuate the dramatic elements of the clothing.


Lily Cole, London, England, 2005, I-D Cover

Lily Cole on Old Vogue Cover, London, England, 2004

I love his photographs of Lily Cole.  There is something about her and Tim that works very well.  I love the asymmetry of the picture to the left.  It would have been beautiful with or without the flower, but something about it being there elevates the photograph.  The contrast of the red lips against the delicate, yellow flower is very beautiful.

Karlie Kloss and Cracked Humpty Dumpty, Rye, East Sussex, UK, 2010, W Magazine

Erin O’Connor, Jacquetta Wheeler and Lily Cole, Colchester, Essex, England, 2004, British Vogue

Agnyss Deyn, Simon and Kiki the Cheetah in Sand Storm, Kolmanskop, Namibia, Africa, 2011, British Vogue

Kirsi Pyrhonen, Outer Mongolia, 2011, British Vogue

The Dress/Lamp Tree, Northumberland, England, 2002

Lily Cold and Giant Watering Can, Northumberland, England, 2004

I love his use of lighting in these two photographs.  They’re two of my favorites on this page.

Scarlett Johansson as Tipi Hendren from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, New York, USA, 2010, W Magazine

I adore this photo of Scarlett Johansson.  I saw The Birds at a sleepover when I was 13, and let me tell you, none of us did much sleeping that night.  Tim really captured the fear in this photograph.  Having her stand with nothing around her let the fear shine through.  There was nowhere to hide and everybody had to hold their own.  These ideas are translated beautifully in this picture.

Alber Elbaz with Rabbit Ears, Paris, France, 2009, The New Yorker

Alber Elbaz and His Pink Lanvin Dress, Paris, France, 2009, Vanity Fair

I think that Tim’s photographs of Alber Elbaz are my favorite of his portraits.  He completely captured his persona.  In the photograph to the right, you don’t even need to see his face to know who it is (if you’re familiar with the fashion world.)  I adore that photograph.

Blue Elephant and Temple, Dungarpur, India, 1999

Although Tim does a lot of fashion photography, it’s not all he does.  This picture is one of my favorites of his none fashion photographs.  Simply beautiful.

Orange You Chic

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I used to hate pairing the complementary colors of blue and orange.  They just reminded me of how bad the New York Knicks were, and of how much I hate the Mets.  But when I saw this Paul Smith jacket next to these Rag & Bone pants, sports were the last thing that came to my mind.




A sweater like this may not normally be worn in an outfit with otherwise clean lines, but I do love pairing things that don’t seem like they belong.  It’s really the only texture in the outfit which makes it work.

The Christian Louboutin love flats have been on my radar for a while.  Shoes like this are a great, sophisticated way to add some fun and whimsy to an outfit.  I really love these shoes, and they also come in black and red.  They’re a fab way to get some Louboutin in your life without killing your arches.


Obsessed: Velvet

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I hated velvet when I was younger.  I had this velvet skirt that my mother made me wear to high holidays and the occasional Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but I tried to avoid it at all costs.  If only I knew then what I know now: that velvet can be FABULOUS.

Erdem had the most amazing velvet prints in their Fall 2011 collection.  The Ellie cowl back dress and Alanna printed pants are two of my favorite pieces.


Velvet is one of those tricky fabrics that, when done the wrong way, could end up looking cheap or tacky. It also must be cared for properly or the fabric could end up ruined.  Here are a couple of tips to keep your velvet looking good:

1. Take good care of your velvet clothing!  It can be damaged easily.  If you’re not great at caring for your clothes stick to crushed velvet.  Because it’s already, well…crushed, you don’t have to be so careful with it and can sometimes even machine wash it.  Take all non-crushed velvet items to the dry-cleaners for proper care.

2. Do not fold or iron velvet.  Folding it will crease the fabric, sometimes permanently, and ironing it will leave an imprint.  To get out minor wrinkles you can steam it.  (If you have to fold velvet, put tissue paper in between the folds.)

These wide-leg, red velvet pants by Steven Alan are so fab.  Red velvet is very luxe and can really add a lot to an outfit.  It’s a great way to bring texture into your wardrobe.  The pants to the right are a less expensive version from Topshop.  This print might not be for everybody, but I love it.  With a print like this in velvet, the rest of the outfit should be kept simple.  The pants are the statement piece here.

Another option for velvet is to wear it on your feet.  These Giuseppi Zanotti velvet Veronica booties are to die:

Topshop also had some great velvet shoes:

APT Velvet Chelsea Ankle Boots / Strut Metal Heel Platform Shoes / Fuschia Velvet Logo Slippers

My favorite velvet piece of the season has to be the Marc by Marc Jacobs sphinx animal-print skirt:

The shape is universally flattering.  I also love the mid-length.  (If you’re on the shorter side, remember to tailor mid-length skirts so they hit your leg where they should.  Otherwise you can appear even shorter.)  This skirt is classy, fun and trendy: the perfect combination!