Fit Chic into Your Carry On: 20 Items for 9 Days

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I love to travel.  Sightseeing is one of my favorite things to do, but one thing that I find troubling is how to do it all in style!  (Read about why it’s so important to fly fashionably here.)

my next destination (hopefully)

I don’t like to check any bags unless I’m traveling for more than a week.  It’s just not worth the risk and hassle of possibly losing my luggage and it’s precious cargo.  Due to the TSA’s strict policies, my packing is usually confined to a suitcase, roughly around the size of a very fluffy pillow, and a backpack or large tote bag.  I also usually sneak a purse, buying me a couple of extra cubic inches.

In addition to my makeup, jewelry, hair tools and brushes, undergarments, magazines and toiletries, I also have to somehow pack a wardrobe, and make sure it’s comfortable enough to sightsee in.

If I know I will be walking a lot on a trip, I only bring flat shoes (duh.)  I also like to stick to basic pieces that are bold enough to make a statement.  I keep accessories simple (especially in foreign countries.  The only thing worse than being an obvious tourist is being an obvious tourist with expensive things to steal.)  Don’t make yourself a target.  It’s also smart to wear a watch when you’re traveling.  Here are 20 items I used to create a week and two days worth of travelable outfits!

I stick to pants when I’m traveling.  Skirts and dresses are too annoying to deal with.  If it’s a breezy day, you don’t want to worry about holding your skirt down while you should be taking in your surroundings.It’s smart to bring a light jacket that will go with almost anything.  I also almost always travel with a scarf.  They are very versatile, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the climate where you will be.

Nude Shirt CHLOÈ // Green Shirt MADEWELL // Striped Shirt FRENCH CONNECTION // Cardigan BY MALENE BIRGER // Pink Sweater YVES SAINT LAURENT // Grey SweaterLE MONT ST. MICHEL // Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITY // Red Pants COSTUME NATIONAL // Wide Leg Pants TOP SHOP // Fur Vest JOIE // Suede Jacket LOT78 // Gold Flats LANVIN // Knit Flats MISSONI // Red FlatsBY LARIN // Leopard Loafers PRADA // Boots FRYE // Brown Bag LOEWE // Grey BagTULU // Sunglasses RAY-BAN // Watch RAYMOND WEIL


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