Obsessed: Red Suede Platform Booties

Fashion, Obsessions

These Brian Atwoods sell for a mere $1,130 and will boost you 4.75 inches off the ground.

They’re utterly amazing to stare at, but once I saw the price tag and this heel:

I decided I would twist my ankle and die a poor girl if I ever wore them. I love these Dolce Vitas and they only cost $224. Another plus…when you wear them, you’ll be able to walk!

Jada and Willow Smith rocked their red suede booties at LAX. It’s half cute and half really weird that they’re wearing basically the same exact, very bold shoe.

I don’t know about you, but the only way I’d wear matching shoes with my mom is if they were Louboutins and she offered to buy me some. I understand the girl’s only 10, but imagine seeing that in real life on non-celebrities…tell me you wouldn’t stare and be like, “Okay, that’s a little weird.”

Photos: Nordstrom.com, Shopbop.com


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