Longevity for LongHems

Fashion, Style

Though the look has been around for some time, long skirts and dresses are really starting to catch my eye.  Not only are they easy, but they can be fashionable and trendy as well.  One of my favorite long skirt moments was Keira Knightley at the 5th International Rome Film Festival and “Last Night” premiere dinner party wearing Chanel.

I love how simple it is.  Without the skirt it’s just heels and a sweater, but the length and material are both chic and glamorous.  Another favorite look of mine is one that came before its time.  Carrie Bradshaw is and always will be a fashion icon of mine. (I don’t care if she’s fictional.)  She was ahead of the trend when she wore this in Sex and the City 2:

Bradshaw in a “vintage” Dior t-shirt over a slip dress over a crinoline.

(I say “vintage” because technically it is, but it’s really only 10 years old.)

I always love pairing things together when they seem like they don’t belong.  Maybe that’s why I love the unconventionality of this outfit.  Nobody would think to pair a t-shirt with something that looks like a ball gown, but she makes it work.  Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker, right?

Kate Bosworth got this look completely wrong at the 2010 Hollywood Style awards wearing Jill Sander, which I find pretty ironic.

The complete lack of jewelry, pulled back hair and window curtain-like skirt make this a pretty embarrassing moment for her, though she redeemed herself when she wore this:

I absolutely LOVE the color nude on blondes.  She looks put together, classy and trendy in this Chloé

I have a feeling that this look will have longevity with me.  You can make it sexy without being overt, something that women should strive for.  I hope that this look stays around!