Classy by Derek Blasberg: A New Bible is Born!

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I just finished reading Classy by Derek Blasberg, and not only do I have a new favorite book, but I also discovered the new bible for all modern women (especially if they live within a 50 mile radius of New York City.)

When I arrived at the chapter entitled “A Lady Goes Abroad,” I was very excited. I had  just curled up in my airplane seat, ready to finish reading all of Blasbergs’ rules before my flight from Madrid arrived in New York.

When I began reading the section “Lady vs. Tramp: At the Airport,” I immediately cringed, knowing I did look the part of a modern lady on the go at the moment. (I was wearing sweatpants, an old t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and Ralph Lauren sneakers. I know…what was I thinking, but it was a very long flight.)

The rationale he gave for looking good while traveling was this:
“…it’s important to look nice when you travel. Think about it: Now that the entire courting phase of a young person’s dating life has gone out with hoopskirts (there are fewer debuts and cotillions every year, and church mixers are harder and harder to find), the airport is one of the few remaining places where you might randomly meet a good guy. You should want to look your best.”
Although I completely agree with this statement, it is hard, both physically and mentally, to stomach a 9-hour plane ride while wearing the constricting jeans a woman is expected to wear these days. After reading the rest of the chapter, I decided I would find some way to travel in style and comfort. I will no longer be the predictable girl you see walking through the airport in sweatpants.

I used to think it was enough that I know I’m fashionable. Why would I try to impress the people at an airport that I would most likely never see again, right?
After reading Classy I realized my thought process was all wrong. You want to try to impress everybody you encounter. Even those early morning airport encounters. That way if you do happen to meet somebody appealing, they will be impressed, rather than distressed, with your fashion sense.
Next time you’re heading to the airport, pack the sweats and pull out the jeggings.  Give the pilots something to look at!

Kate Bosworth at the airport (photo courtesy of


Animal Prints: Friend or Foe?

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This spring most people will be stocking their closets with the latest in animal-print-chic.  I, however, will be supplying my eyes with the sunglasses needed to keep the hideous patterns I expect to see, out of my sight.
You see, it is not the trend that bothers me so much as how people wear it.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe (on average) only 1 in every 50 modern women get the animal-print ensemble right.  Why then must we keep reviving it?  
The trend really began in the 1960’s when Jackie O. (bow down) began to wear her Oleg Cassini Leopard print jacket.
Between then and the 80’s, something must have gotten lost in translation, because I am almost certain that Jackie Kennedy never intended on anything like this to walk any runway.
Just Cavalli Spring 2009

Now, the collection wasn’t all bad.  One of my favorite looks from the entire collection included a bright and bold leopard print:

I love how he combined two completely different prints.  (One is soft and the other bold, together forming a, arguably, flawless look.)
For those just infiltrating your wardrobe with these, at times overwhelming patterns, moderation and caution are your new best friends.  Here are some rules regarding animal prints.  Follow them, and the prints will be your friend…ignore them and they will be your foe:

1. Limit your outfit to ONE print (unless you’re confident in your fabulousness.)  We are dressing for modern day America, not the psych ward.

2. If you can’t fit into this:

Then you shouldn’t be wearing any animal print head-to-toe.  For example, Pazde la Huerta wore this Dolce & Gabbana dress to the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala earlier this year:

The reason she looks so miserable is because right before she got out of the limo, somebody finally gave her a mirror.  Too much animal print!!

3. Steer clear of the impious patent-leather/animal print combination.  It can turn tacky very quickly!

4. In terms of shoes:


(Basic rule-of-thumb, anything with a red bottom, you’re golden.)



5. MEN! However badly you wish to emulate Scott Disick with the following shoes, please refrain.
For gay men, fabulous.  But for straight men, a little too much in my opinion!
6. Never wear a tight and short, animal print dress.  You must choose one.

Long and tight

Short and flowy

Short, tight and trashy (sorry Hayden!)

Hopefully women worldwide will someday learn to instill these rules into their wardrobes.  I think that is why the fad continues, and will continue to survive.  People want to see this look done right; the way a modern Jackie O. would wear it.

So when you choose your animal prints, think like Kourtney and Kim…not the girl 5 steps behind them;  literally and clearly also in fashion sense.

What are You Wearing?

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I will never understand how or why a lot of women choose to wear clothes that are too tight on them. I hate it. Now don’t get me wrong, It shouldn’t be expected for  anybody to look perfect, good even, at all times. I am simply saying that things like this:

are unacceptable and should be illegal.
I understand how hard it is to find clothes that fit right, trust me, but what I don’t understand is how some women have such a skewed view of what fits and what doesn’t.
Here are some basic rules regarding clothes and their fit:
1. If you have to do anything like this to get any article of clothing on…it’s probably too tight.
2. If you look similar to this once you get your pants on…take them off (please.)  There is nothing wrong with pants that are just low rise and not ultra super “show my crack” low rise.
3. This doesn’t completely have to do with whether an article of clothing is too tight or not, but please, I am begging you….keep your thongs and other undergarments where they should be…inside of your pants.  (They’re called underpants for a reason.)
4. If your shirt looks anything like this, then it’s time to take it off and invest in a new one.
5. This is a classic rule…just because you can zip it up, does not mean it fits.  Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is pictured here wearing a dress that is two sizes too small for her, making her look bigger than she actually is.
Please keep to these rules, if not for yourself, then for the rest of the world.  Next time you think something is too tight, take it off…unless of course you want to look something like this…